Veejays Collective

Virtual Bedroom

FILE 2018 | VIDEO 360
Electronic Language International Festival

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Imagine you’re looking at a beautiful painting, like Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The Bedroom’. What would it be like to step into the painting itself and walk around? “Virtual Bedroom” lets people experience just that! As a bonus, you can also visit of Edvard (‘The Scream’ ) Munch in his room next door. With our app, the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum was the first in the world to feature paintings brought to life through Virtual Reality.

This app was commissioned by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam as part of Museum Night Amsterdam.
The project was supported by Google.

This app was created by members and partners of – a movement of innovative video performers and -artists based in Amsterdam. Founded in 2016, the collective started out as Europe’s first and training institute for video artists and video performers. Now, the alumi work together internationally on interactive video e.g. in museums, at festivals and for TV. ‘Virtual Bedrooms’ is an idea by Hidde Kross (1972), co-founder and co-owner of He’s been working in digital media since graduating in Life Sciences and Business Administration from the Groningen University (RUG) in 1998 and lives and works in Amsterdam.