Sebatian Tedesco

Alze #1, #2, And #3

Electronic Language International Festival

“In the same rivers we enter and do not enter, we are and we are not” (Heraclitus).
The image in this video shows what seems to be a continuous process, a continuous flow. But in that flow there is a steady rhythm, something close to a musical tempo. The torrent of a river and the entry into a current where the journey is inevitable, where there is little decision about what happens because the decision is taken by what transports you. The sound is assembled by repetition of the movement, generating a dance that at the same time is a score for other layers of sound. Black white red; three colors that when looking at them carefully, in the midst of darkness, shows all the colors that are formed in this repetitive movement, and in that repetition they create the new.

Visual artist and industrial designer. Interested in the relationship between old and new technologies and what emerges from this intersection. Develops his work on various supports and media ranging from video installations to two and three dimensional objects. He is currently academic coordinator and professor of the postgraduate course in Conceptual Design at the UNTREF, Head of design and communication at the MUNTREF Art and Science Museum, and director of the lecture series and art programme “Fronteras Suspendidas at the MAR – Mar del Plata Museum of Contemporary Art. Since 2013 exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions in Argentina and abroad highlighting: FILE 2015 / Agency for Unrealized Projects, e-flux and Serpentine Gallery / TEDx Riodelaplata / #ProgramaLaPlaza 2014, Medialab-Prado / Faena Prize for the Arts, Faena Arts Center / ACBA / The Wrong – New Digital Biennial / PROYECTOR 9th International Video-art Festival of Madrid / CCK – Centro Cultural Kirchner / 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial / MALBA.