Stefano Miraglia


Electronic Language International Festival

“Anoche” is a study on the solidarity of distant – almost unrelated – elements, all of which come from my personal archives and were made in different times and places: a video of what I saw from a night bus in Rome in 2012; a sound recording I made in 2006 and a found photograph taken in Venice in the 30s. Blow-ups of the photograph are looped and superimposed; the loop filters the video and breaks, fragments the shapes of the night lights which were once so perfect. The movements of the fragmented shapes blend with the loud, distorted soundtrack, creating a new reality to experience. Perhaps an uncomfortable one, but definitely one that is more revealing.
*The Borges quote should be intended as a comment on the end of an era (a personal or a collective one).

Stefano Miraglia (b. 1988 in Málaga) is an Italian-Spanish visual artist based in France. Merging digital video, analog photographs, archival documents and autobiographical elements, his moving image work stands at the intersection between abstract art, experimental animation and diaristic cinema. Stefano Miraglia is also active as an independent curator. In 2016 he founded the online project The Moving Image Catalog (