Turbida Lux

Welcome To My Secret Garden

Electronic Language International Festival

“Welcome to My Secret Garden” is focused on the photographic archives from the Serlachius Museums, in Finland, most of images taken between the years 1890 and 1960. Photographs can be seen as surreal images that represent an incomplete reality; as time passes these images detach of their original meaning. We are not interested in the historical reality that photographs document, but on the unknown they hide. As Susan Sontag said: “A photograph is only a fragment, and with the passage of time its moorings come unstuck”.
By collaging and animating them, we try to match the absurd with the organic. Our intention is to seduce the viewer into the unnatural world that photographs violently frame in a shoot.

Turbida Lux is an art collective formed by Lucila Mayol and Pedro Riva, in 2013 in Argentina. Their works have been exhibited in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Norway, United Kingdom, Austria, Finland and Russia.
Lucila has a MFA degree in Bergen Academy of Arts and Design in Norway. In Argentina she attended to UNA, where she obtained the Bachelor in Fine Arts degree, and to ENERC where she completed the Director of Photography career.

Pedro studied art, philosophy and theatre. As an actor, he has worked in “Cleansed” of Sarah Kane, directed by Mariano Stolkiner, and “Darkroom” of Roberto Jacoby.