Gamze Yolal

Data Space

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Videoart
Electronic Language International Festival

Algorithm; means the way to be followed in solving a problem. Programming is also clearly defined steps with a certain beginning and end. Data; is a whole of processable data. In this part of my work, there is transforming all kinds of data into visual material. I bring my pictures, which I have done before, to another realm through algorithms and codes. I manipulate an existing thing by creating algorithms, I reconfigure. A manipulated eye icon. This eye icon is in an infinite loop. It is a whole of data that has a beginning but no end.

In her works, she focuses on concepts such as memory, pluralism, singularity, nature, dreams, unconscious, death-life. Using storytelling, she aims to create new narratives and images by combining elements such as legends and poems of different geographies. She integrates a tale, icon or dream into real life to create new narratives. Dreams and tales take a new form in another realm. She usually uses mixed media on paper, ceramic, and natural things such as plants etc. in her production. At the same time; she uses new media mediums such as data, video and photography. Her technique is always open to innovation. Born in 1995 in Istanbul, Gamze Yolal graduated from the Marma University, Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department in 2018.