Dorian Rigal Minuit

La limite est une façade

Electronic Language International Festival


Dorian Rigal Minuit – La limite est une façade – France

Four architectural archetypes from the Paris region are digitized and presented as archaeological artifacts in a museum. They are simple plaster without color uprooted from their urbanity. But one day their life changes: they will start to metamorphose and become organic and soft objects until they are compressed to extremes like a Caesar. Then slowly, one by one, in fantastic universes, will become themselves again until they find the skin, the color of which they were once dressed.


Minuit is a light and digital artist born in 1987 in France. Graduated in Architecture in 2011, he explores the nocturnal world. It is through this prism that he uses digital art: architectural projection, animated film, screen sculpture and virtual reality to create an imaginary world where the harshness of reality is deformed to become a fantastic landscape.