Kenji Kojima

What Madame Cézanne was thinking

Electronic Language International Festival


Kenji Kojima – What Madame Cézanne was thinking – United States

All media in human history are now converted and recorded in digital data as binary. Seeing and hearing overlap with each piece of visual and sound information. With this in mind, Kenji Kojima developed a program that extracts music from image painting. Using this program the artist interpreted Madame Cézanne’s seven almost same-posed portraits as the visual data of 12-tone music by binary analysis. 


Kenji Kojima was born in Japan and moved to New York in 1980. He painted for the first 10 years in New York. The personal computer improved during the 80s. He switched His artwork to digital. He developed algorithmic composition programming. It created video works that explored images and music. His digital art was exhibited in New York, and at media art festivals worldwide.