Luís Arandas

Irreplaceable Biography

Electronic Language International Festival


Luís Arandas – Irreplaceable Biography – England

Irreplaceable Biography builds a discourse on human analogy and composition by automating language-guided generative models. Using a novel feedback technique to compute short films from texts, it’s a 4-minute 20-second sequence where imagery develops from a narration of the poem A Song of Myself by Walt Whitman. Experiments on possible futures of composition purely conceived by simulations of vision and internal monologues.


Artist and technologist based in London. Currently a visiting postgrad in the Creative Computing Institute, UAL, and a PhD fellow in the University of Porto. His artwork has been exhibited in Fabbrica del Vapore, Dokkhuset Scene and gnration. Collaborating with entities such as xCoAx, Criatech, Viborg Animation Festival, Orbits and Semibreve Festival.