Marcia Beatriz Granero


Electronic Language International Festival


Marcia Beatriz Granero – Revelación – Brazil 

Jaque Jolene has been Márcia Beatriz’s artistic identity for over ten years. Since then, she has been creating work inspired by female icons of the world for each new experience. Jaque Jolene, this “undefined figure”, in her incursions into the city, through public spaces, shows how Márcia Beatriz maintains control over her existence, over her appearance, and, sometimes, it is Jaque Jolene who struggles to end the identity of her author.


Marcia Beatriz Granero is a visual artist, videoartist, researcher and creator of the VideoArtePapo program that she currently leads at the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo. Her original work is all developed with Jaque Jolene, artistic identity for over 10 years. The artist contributes with her creation in performative actions when visiting cities, historical spaces and cultural institutions.