Maximiliano Parlagreco

La estación

Electronic Language International Festival


Maximiliano Parlagreco –  La estación – Argentina

Legend has it that when L’Arrivée d’un train (Lumière brothers, 1896) was first shown, audiences were so impressed by the sight of a life-size train coming towards them that they screamed and ran to the back of the room. In La estación, the illusion of realism is shifted from the movement of the locomotive to the detail of the algorithmic simulation through the iterative application of neural networks designed to restore the quality of the images.


Electronic artist, researcher and teacher. He develops his work by inquiring into the ideological construction behind the images that circulate in the contemporary media landscape, appealing to various supports, from video to artificial intelligence, through virtual reality and videogames, to propose new forms of perception and participation with the screens.