Peter Christenson & Phil Mudd

Juried Performance: A Triptych

Electronic Language International Festival


Peter Christenson & Phil Mudd – Juried Performance: A Triptych – United States

An ongoing inquiry into the symbols, processes, and systems associated with institutionalized power and the hegemonic elite. Revolving primarily around a collection of recorded parasuicidal rituals and protests that occurred in public spaces in front of an absentee jury, the project analogizes the “juried art competition” to today’s sociopolitical climate and inequitable class hierarchies, a callous model of capitalistic theater.


Peter Christenson is a conceptual artist who works across media, platforms, and environments. He has shown his work broadly across the globe and is an Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Washington State University. Phil Mudd is a multi-media artist and photographer who has exhibited his work throughout the United States and internationally. He is an Assistant Professor Career Track in Digital Technology and Culture at Washington State University.