Renata Soares Lacerda

Infinite Art

Electronic Language International Festival


Renata Soares Lacerda – Infinite Art – Brazil

As the name implies, it is an “infinite” work of art, or at least one that has no end in sight. Technically, it is a digital collage that have been created since 2018 and displayed on the Instagram feed, just like a gable – the side facade of a building –, but from the virtual world. Through the appropriation and manipulation of reality (photographs), it invites the spectator to enter a particular, unreal and fantastic universe.


Renata Lacerda is a visual artist, illustrator and art director born in Minas Gerais who lives in São Paulo. She graduated in Visual Arts from UFMG with additional training from Escola Superior Gallaecia, in Portugal, and from the Institute of Arts of UFRGS, in Porto Alegre. Her work uses overlapping images and symbolism to create dreamlike narratives and landscapes.