Roberto Musanti

Fallaci Imagine

Electronic Language International Festival


Roberto Musanti – Fallaci Imagine – Italy

Images are often given an absolute meaning, an undisputed value. High-definition screens promise ever more realistic visions. What if a blurry, partial, distorted vision was the most direct way to observe and understand the deepest meaning of the reality of things? Fallaci Imagine is the second work of the Incerta Imago series, that investigates this different sensory approach.




Roberto Musanti teaches multimedia programming at the Sassari Conservatory of Music. His works have been presented in Alghero, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belfast, Brasília, Cagliari, Ciudad de México, Granada, Hamburg, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Lviv, Marseilles, Milan, Montevideo, Naples, New York, Rome, São Paulo, Sintra, Staordshire, Stockholm, Tampa, Timisoara, Viña del Mar.