Workshop FILE São Paulo 2014

Workshop Three-dimensional modeling for 3D printing
Eduardo Lopes

Abstract: The workshop has two distinct objectives:
The first is to present what is 3D printing, what are its characteristics and its work process through a short theoretical presentation and lots of practical demonstrations, with a printer in full operation!
Every product made through additive manufacturing — more generally 3D printing — is primarily created digitally in a three-dimensional modeling software. Whether it is a mechanical part, a jewel or a computerized animation character, they all have this digital origin in common.
To be materialized, these objects must have certain characteristics and go through some adjustment processes that are different from those whose final destiny will be regular printing in paper or the computer screens.
This is the second objective of the workshop, to show how to prepare the digital files — regardless of the software used to generate it — e make them suitable for printing.
Bio: Architect graduated by UNESP in 1997 and digital entrepreneur.
He is a business partner of Garagem Fab Lab, a digital manufacturing lab that belongs to the network initiated by MIT and the first independent Fab Lab in Brazil. Inside Garagem, among a thousand other things, he coordinates the rapid prototyping module in various types of 3D printers.
Currently, he has focused his professional and academic research in the relation between the architectural creation of complex geometries and the digital automation and manufacturing.