Workshop FILE São Paulo 2017

Sandro Miccoli | Brazil
Introduction to Live (Visual) Coding with Cyril:

The aim of the workshop is to introduce Cyril software, created 3 years ago, to allow the creation of fast visual prototypes and live coding performances. The focus is to understand the functioning of the
software, to learn its language, as well as practices for visual performance.
The practice of live coding, or live programming, has become increasingly common in recent years. The
programmer, who in other historical moments hid inside the Matrix, now stands as the performer and
composer of an algorithmic-based visual piece.

Sandro Miccoli is a creative technologist from Belo Horizonte. Graduated in Information Systems from UFMG he switched to the area of creative technology in 2012. He is fascinated by the combination of new media, art and design. He has participated in projects, installations and exhibitions in several places around the planet, such as Brazil, Holland, India and Croatia. Besides the technological curiosity, he is also interested in street photography, abstract art and haikai.