POSSIBLE Games - Adventures of Poco Eco
Peter Whittenberger - What's the Worst That Can Happen
s-ara - Telephonophobia
Pantumaca Barcelona - MIND Path to Thalamus Enhanced Edition
Ove Pictures - Nina
PAM1 Multimedia Studio - redroom
Olga Guseva - The Astronaut
Mediocre AB - Smash Hit
Olga Guseva - The Three Spirits (1)
Olga Guseva - Refugees
Olga Guseva - An Apple for the Androgyne
Media Molecule - Tearaway Unfolded
Milan Zulic - The Circle of life
Martelo Nero - Tower Of Samsara
Matthew Schoen - Vehicles
Leandro Angare - Pulso
Laser Dog - ALONE
Kwon Daye - Time, quick
Leandro Angare - O Sapato (1)
Jason RT Bond e Colin Sanders - Shu's Garden
Jorge F. - Nightmare Endless
Katsuki Nogami - 『Hamidasumo!
House House - Push Me Pull You
Jan Goldfuß - 2=1(+1=n) (Cold Memories 2)
Joanna&rubens - Sinking_3 (1)
Gattai Games - Stifled
Henning M. Lederer - Anatomic
Drinkbox Studios - Guacamelee! STCE
Daniela Krajcova - Stability
David Mussel - Cartas
Disco Pixel - Jungle Rumble
Christo Guelov - WHITE CUBES
CHEN,I-CHUN -  Shui Yuan Lin Legend –IV Episode– GRASP REPLACEMENT
Broken Rules - Yet It Moves
CHEN,I-CHUN - Little Black's Whole Life in the Factory- Second Episode
Camilo Colmenares - Quimtai
Black Pants Studio - Blown Away
Bittler - The EXOPLORER
arnaud laffond - Mountain Fragility
Klaus Pedersen - Back to Bed
Anthony Rousseau – My Last Round
Adrian Flury - A place I`ve never been
Asteroid Base - Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime
A. Bill Miller - Phantoms
the land of the magic flute
Alan Hazelden e Benjamin Davis - A Good Snowman (cortei assim)
Tiny Inventions - Perfect Houseguest
Pu, Shuai Cheng - The Sum of Secrets- The Snake in Mind
Fabricio Lima _ Marcelo Jeneci - Um de nós
Raven Kwok _ Karma Fields - Skyline
Susanne Wiegner - the light the shade
David Stumpf - Cowboyland
Wei-Ming Ho - Self- Destruction for Eternity
Tirtza Even - Natural Life, Interactive Online Archive-v
The Institute for the Advancement of Popular Automatisms (IFAPA)_ GOOGLE e FRIENDS
Uwe Heine Debrodt - orbiting e exploring 1
TeYosh - Dictionary of Online Behavior
Rocío Cano Valiño - Catarsis Sinusoidal
Thais Weiller & Amora B - Rainy Day
The Tiny Orchestra - All in the Same Boat
Pedro Veneroso - ASCIIVideo
Rony Maltz and Daniel Temkin - Borges The Complete Works-v
Ricardo de Armas - Lucid Dream-v
Peter Van Haaften - ELAPS
Patricio Gonzalez Vivo - Skylines III-v
Patricia Martinez - Conciencia pura de invención
pablo sanz - [in]audible
Patricio Gonzalez Vivo - RandomCity-v
Milton Läufer - The Library of Barracas
Marco Ferrazza – Omen
Milton Läufer - Text's topology
Juan Carlos Vasquez – Sibelius Collage
Michael Takeo Magruder - Data Storm prototype I-v
lenina -theotherness
Joceles Bicalho & Marcus Neves - Stria in Flame
Mark Tholander - a href ( n u l l )
gridblock - bipolar  copy
Kwon Daye - whereistheendoftheworld-v
Groß, Groß Martin Groß & Stephan Groß - mystère
Joana Moll - CO2GLE
Jean-Michel Rolland - MELTING POT-v
Francisco Meirino - A POSSIBILITY (one of many)
Yukao Nagemi & Lola Ajima – Generative Nights-v
IP Yuk-Yiu - S for Sisyphus-v
Ioan Cernei - Embroidered Data copy
Group Soul - The Record Of My Ascension
Group Soul - A Prayer For You
dob - dob


Kenji Kojima – The Sound of Fountain at Lincoln Center, New York (1)
Group Soul - A Full Expression (2)
Danhua Ma - Conversation With Trees
Glasz DeCuir - The Performance that Was Not Allowed
barotti cd Stecktasche.indd
JOESÉR ALVAREZ - Remix para Butô & Cometa (1)
Tigre Dente de Sabre
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