Robert Seidel


In a time of complete virtualization of knowledge, science and monetary flows the virtual sculpture “Vellum” transfers the memory of one specific urban rhythm to another locality. The multiple LED screens of the COMO at SKT Tower (Seoul, South Korea) provide several thinly sliced views into this gigantic translucent formation, revealing time and space within the otherwise invisible as well as impossible structure. Commissioned by Art Center Nabi, Seoul, South Korea.

Robert Seidel | · born 1977 in Jena, Germany, A-levels 1996 · 2 semester biology, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena · Foreign term Anglia Polytechnic University, Chelmsford, Great Britain · 1998-2004 Bauhaus Universität Weimar, diploma mediadesign · freelance author and translator in the field of 2d/3d-graphics · biological 3D-reconstructions · free artistic works in the field of organic-digital graphics