ClaRa ApaRicio

Zoom In

FILE 2018 | ANIMA +
Electronic Language International Festival

“Zoom in” is the second part in the series “Zooming”. The first video, “Zoom out” is based on the painting by Caspar David Friedrich “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog”. The camera moves away expanding the boundaries of the original painting, diminishing the importance of man in the larger scale of life. In “Zoom in” the camera moves through collages of animated paintings from the far reaches of the universe to within the human mind. The greatness of introspection, inspiration, fantasy, dreams, the subconscious, compared to the insignificance of everything else. It is a reflection on Solipsism. The only thing one could be sure of is the existence of oneself. The external world cannot be known and might not exist at all outside of the mind.

ClaRa is a Video Artist from Madrid based in London. She creates her audiovisual pieces combining video and animation with painting found footage,digital collages and code. Her videos reflect on the importance of images in the construction of the collective imagination, the power of mass media and telecommunications, the marketing strategies and the brands and adverts ubiquity, interactivity and hyperlinks as an illusion of the selection, the changes in the contemporary culture with the electronic distribution, the fragmentation of the narrative discourse, the information overload, the surveillance control and the loss of privacy.She received the Most Promising Video Artist Award in Madatac 07 – Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival, Madrid, Spain. Her pieces have been awarded in other international Video Art festivals such as FIVAC – Camagüey International Video Art Festival (Cuba) and BANG -Barcelona International Video Art Festival(Spain) and screened in galleries, museums and cultural spaces around the world.