Diego Mac

Sylphides 3.1

FILE Sao Paulo 2023 | Anima+
Electronic Language International Festival


Diego Mac – Sylphides 3.1 – Brazil

Sylphides 3.1 is a videodance created from the mixture and hybridity of the dance language with simulation techniques and 3D animation. Aesthetic and artistic elements of dance are reworked based on new protocols, codes and paradigms brought about by 3D technology, science fiction and biofuturism. Other bodies, other movements, other dances. The work has already been presented in several countries.


Doctorate student in Performing Arts (UFRGS). He is currently dedicated to artistic creation based on the hybridity between dance, 3D simulation, NFTs, web3 and metaverses. He has been working in the cultural and entertainment field for 25 years in artistic projects that move between dances, visualities and technologies. His work is recognized on the national and international scene, with more than 20 awards received.