Justin Lincoln


Electronic Language International Festival


Justin Lincoln – ffflutttttterrrrrr – United States

ffflutttttterrrrrr is an extended excerpt from one of my daily practice sessions with Touch Designer. I am interested in the flow state of scrolling through an internet feed, in this case on the social media site Tumblr. As one starts a somatic loop of scanning images and text, time seems to fold in on itself, which is in some way mirrored in this particular video effect. The improvised soundtrack oscillates between ambient rest and noisy dissonance, echoing the state of my nervous system.




Justin Lincoln, an experimental artist and educator, is Associate Professor of New Media Art at Whitman College. His digital work bridges the cultures of computer programming, noise music, and pop culture, often drawing through lines to historic avant garde movements in art, poetry, and music. Lincoln’s art screens internationally and is growing throughout the internet.