Luciano Rabuske


Electronic Language International Festival


Luciano Rabuske – Metamorphose – United States

While gentrification increases the value of properties in areas that suffered from prolonged disinvestment, it also results in rising rents, home and property values. As these rising costs reduce the supply of affordable housing, existing residents, who are often black or Hispanic, are displaced. It is a complex issue that involves many different factors, such as socioeconomic status, housing costs, degree of external support, and mental/physical health.


Luciano used to write poetry exploring of the nuances of his native language Portuguese when he began to experiment with digital art two decades ago. He is currently exploring the potential of advanced computer technologies, as such as AI, VR, AR and 3D that gives him many more creation possibilities, taking his art to another level. In addition to his digital paintings, his works includes photography, mixed media, 3D objects, poetry, art videos, and installations.