Alessandro Amaducci

Fear of Me

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 |  Anima +
Electronic Language International Festival

The fear of the body. Curiosity about what is inside us is an atavistic desire. But it takes us to unknown territories, as entering into our bodies also means confronting a sort of ultimate mirror, a definitive shadow of ourselves. The anatomical imagery reminds us that we are, without doubt, mortal beings. The digital world examines our body, trying to understand it. A failed experiment. An empty console.


Alessandro Amaducci: Born in Torino (Italy) in 1967. He is Professor of Video Language and Practice in DAMS, University of Torino. He has written several books on video art. Since 1989 he has been making experimental videos, music videos, video installations, multimedia shows, and video scenography for dance performances and digital photography.