Baron Lanteigne

Oxygen (Anthologie)

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 |  Anima +
Electronic Language International Festival



Our hyper-reality puts all knowledge within reach, and we are at risk of being saturated with data – computers as extensions of ourselves. ‘Oxygen (Anthologie)’ is an over-saturated patchwork of connected worlds depicting our relationship with the virtual through the digital screens surrounding us.

Music: ‘Midnight Special’, Bobby Tank.


Baron Lanteigne unites different practices to create multi-layered virtual environments in physical installations. Using software tools he has developed, the artist explores the digital world in a unique way. These tools give him control over generative algorithms, as a means of establishing collaboration between human intent and digital autonomy. He makes use of glitch as a creative process and embraces the aesthetic potential of this new technique. This control over the unexpected allows him to reveal the inner workings of his creations and the ambiguity of our relationship with modern consumer technologies.