Sam Twidale & Marija Avramovic

After Party

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 |  Anima +
Electronic Language International Festival



‘After Party’ is an animation about two young girls, Ada and Milica. They find themselves in a strange space where an adult party is happening. With every new simulation their personalities evolve in unpredictable ways: between Childhood and Adolescence, Refined and Savage. Our digital work consists of creating artificial environments in the form of real-time animation using our own custom software, where AI characters interact with each other as well as with the virtual world that surrounds them. These pieces are usually inspired by stories or myths found in different cultures.

Commissioned by the Barbican Centre, London
*‘After Party’ was supported by the Institut Français du Brésil and the Consulate General of France, Sao Paulo


Visual artist Marija Avramovic and new media artist/programmer Sam Twidale started working together in 2017. Despite coming from different artistic backgrounds, the main concerns of their work mirror each other. Ideas of storytelling and characterization from film and video games are present within the work of both artists, especially the ability of these medias to concentrate complex human emotions into a concise experience, the inherent ‘lightness’ of which can be more affecting than in more in-depth studies of the same.