Silvia De Gennaro

Travel Notebooks: Marseille, France

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 |  Anima +
Electronic Language International Festival



Contemporary and vintage at the same time, dynamic and nostalgic, Marseilles is a city that reaches out to the sea, looking far into the blue distance. The protagonist is the light that appears and disappears between the clouds, intertwined with the wind and with the architecture of the city, in a unique show of color. ‘Travel Notebooks: Marseille, France’ is part of an ongoing art project on journeys to cities, entitled Travel Notebooks.


Silvia De Gennaro lives and works in Rome, Italy. For fifteen years she has been working with digital art, video art and animation. Her works have been shown in several video art exhibitions and film festivals around the world. Currently she divides her time between making social and politically-themed video and Travel Notebooks, a project about the city and the perception of the traveler.