Kelley Bell


FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Circular Cinema
Electronic Language International Festival


In ‘Babel’ the artist stacks the different rings of domes like children’s toys, aspiring to build a towering edifice, one dome atop the other. The domes, however, spin in consecutive circles, and each level erodes and supplants the next in a futile architectural battle royale spanning centuries, geography and ideologies. As the Tower of Babel presents an allegorical origin of cultural difference, ‘Babel’ suggests that an ideal monument is one that brings together all ideals – faith, pleasure, beauty, industry – that the balance and tension of these paradigmatic forces allows them to coexist while supporting one another naturally, like tiers of stones stacked to form a domed ceiling.

Vídeo: Kelley Bell
Song: Many Horsez – Yeveto


Kelley Bell ​holds an MFA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in Imaging and Digital Arts, and a BFA in Graphic Design from the Pratt Institute. Her animations have been screened locally and as far away as Zagreb, Croatia.