Ludopium Studio


FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | TOWER SPACE
Electronic Language International Festival

Imagine a world where aggressive electronic beats clash with psychedelic and ultra minimalist visuals. The only way out of this explosion of color, is by dancing your way through a field of musical puzzles with catchy grooves. In Vectronom, rhythm comes to life in the form of fun mini levels that can be easy to grab, but hard to master. Sometimes these dance floors are easier to solve when you close your eyes and let your fingers rave to the music.

Ludopium is an independent game studio based in Cologne, Germany. We specialize in music games and audiovisual interactive installations. We love to make use of stuff that moves, rotates, shifts and/or slides to create interactive experiences. Our passion for music, visually striking art, and experimentation, powers the creation of all our work. The team consists of an international group of game developers with all kinds of backgrounds in different areas of media production.