Andreas muk Haider


As natural as the daily sunshine, one’s shadow, formerly a constant companion, now often escapes from attention. A silhouette of our physical form, one’s shadow is no more than a flat, disembodied reduction of one’s contours. The installation “skia” examines the interplay of our shadows and our conscious awareness of the physical displacement of space. In this closed-circuit installation, the visitors’ images are manipulated and projected as artificial shadows. What does it mean if one’s shadow suddenly frees itself and develops an alien autonomy? And what has such an estrangement in common with the multiple identities of the post-modern ego? Construction and function: If a person is moving inside the installation s/he is detected by an infrared camera. This image is processed and manipulated by a software program written in open frameworks (C++ based framework) with open cv implementation. The manipulated image is projected as a faked artificial shadow by a video projector. If the person moves along, the personal silhouette is projected as an artificial shadow in real time, but if it stops, the shadow morphs into an alien.


Born in 1976. Resident in Vienna, Austria. University of Applied Arts, Vienna – digital art class (graduated in June 2010). Freelancing cameraman and cutter. Founding member of (new mediaart documentation platform). Since 1999: videoart and live performances, short and documentary movies, interactive installations.