Paulista Avenue Interactive = Interactive Public Art

The second edition of FILE PAI (Paulista Avenue Interactive = Interactive Public Art), a digital and electronic public art project launched by FILE – Electronic Language International Festival in 2010, was held from July 19 to 28, 2011.

FILE PAI 2011 occupied several spaces in Paulista Avenue and its surroundings, with a program that included different types of works achieved with electronic and digital tools. Among them, interactive installations, animations, games, and machinimas.

The works were be presented in the following places: Cervantes Institute, Conjunto Nacional, Cultura Bookstore, Cultura Cine-Bookstore, São Paulo Art Museum – Masp, Alameda das Flores, Fiesp Space and Fnac, besides the Subway stations Vila Madalena, Consolação, Trianon-Masp and Brigadeiro.

Beyond those works, FILE Symposium 2011, a space for discussion among artists, theoreticians and people interested in art and technology, happened at the São Paulo Cultural Center, together with the Workshops series.

1. Vila Madalena Subway Station
Alex May & Rudolf Kremers, Eufloria [United Kingdon]
Alexander Bruce, Hazard: The Journey of Life [Austrália]
Christoffer Hedborg, Toys [Sweden]
Paolo Pedercini / Molleindustria, Every Day The Same Dream [Italy]
Richard E Flanagan / Phosfiend Systems, FRACT [Canada]

2. Cervantes Institute
Andreas muk Haider, Skia [Austria]
Joachim Smetschka, Instant [Austria]

Colibri Games, The Tiny Bang Story [Russia]

Tom Jantol, Brief Encounter [Croatia]
Tom Jantol, Duel (Part) [Croatia]
Tom Jantol, The Remake [Croatia]
Tom Jantol, Wizard of OS: The Fish Incident [Croatia]

Anima+ Auditorium
8-Bits Team: Valere Amirault, Jean Delaunay, Sarah Laufer & Benjamin Mattern, 8-Bits [France]
Alan Becker, Animator Vs Animation [United Stares]
Alessandro Novelli, The Alphabet [Italy]
Alexander Gellner, 1 Minute Puberty [Germany]
Andrew Huang, The Gloaming [United States]
Andrew Ruhemann & Shaun Tan, The Lost Thing [Australia]
Animatório, Neomorphus [Brazil]
Ben Thomas & Leo Bridle, Train of Thought [England]
Bertrand Bey & Pierre Ducos, La Détente [France]
Birdo Studio: Luciana Eguti & Paulo Muppet, Bonequinha do Papai [Brazil]
Birdo Studio: Luciana Eguti & Paulo Muppet, Caixa [Brazil]
Birdo Studio: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet & Allan Sieber, Animadores [Brazil]
Birdo Studio: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet & Amir Admoni, Monkey Joy [Brazil]
Birdo Studio: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet & Jimmy Leroy. Pequeno Cidadão [Brazil]
Brendan Angelides & Cyriak Harris, Eskmo [United States]
Christopher Alender, Eye of The Storm [United States]
Coala Filmes: Cesar Cabral, Dossiê Rê Bordosa [Brazil]
Coala Filmes: Cesar Cabral, Tempestade [Brazil]
Dante Zaballa & Matias Vigliano, The Head [Argentina]
David O’Reilly, Please Say Something [Ireland and Germany]
David O’Reilly, The External World [Ireland and Germany]
David Wilson, Japanese Popstars “Let Go” [England]
Dominik Käser, Martin-Sebastian Senn, Mario Deuss, Niloy J. Mitra & Mark Pauly, Silhouettes of Jazz [United States]
Esteban Dia?cono. O?lafur Arnalds – Ljo?sið [Argentina]
Fábio Yamaji & Denis Kamioka ‘Cisma’, Photocopy Romance [Brazil]
Fábio Yamaji & Denis Kamioka ‘Cisma’. O Divino, de repente [Brazil]
Fernando Sanches, Xixi no Banho [Brazil]
Gabrielle Lissot, Pierre Lippens, Laurent Jaffier & Nicolas Deprez, Tous Des Monstres (All Monsters) [France]
Guilherme Marcondes, Tyger [Brazil]
Guillermo Madoz, Head Honcho [Argentina]
Hi-Sim, Jump [England]
Home de Caramel, Alone Together [Spain]
Jasmin Lai, Brave [United States and Thailand]
Jason Wishnow, Oedipus [England]
Jean-Paul Frenay, Artificial Paradise, Inc [Belgium and France]
Joanna Lurie, Tree’s Migration [France]
Joaquin Baldwin, Sebastian’s Voodoo [United States]
Joaquin Baldwin, The Windmill Farmer [United States]
Ken Turner, TIM [Canada]
Lee Tao, Seedling [Canada]
Lemeh42, Wool & Water [Italy]
Leszek Plichta, Dreammaker [Poland and Germany]
Malcolm Sutherland, Bout [Canada]
Malcolm Sutherland, Umbra [Canada]
Marc Silver, There Are No Others [England]
Marlies van der wel, Protest Flatness [Netherlands]
Martin Piana, LUMI [Argentina]
Martin Woutisseth, Stanley Kubrick, a filmography [France]
Matatoro Team: Mauro Carraro, Raphaël Calamote & Jérémy Pasquet, Matatoro [France]
Matthias Hoegg, August [England]
Matthias Hoegg, Thrusday [England]
Max Hattler, SPIN [Inglaterra]
Max Loubaresse, Marc Bouyer & Anthony Vivien, Salesman Pete [France]
Meindbender Animation Studio, The Pirate [Sweden]
Michael Paul Young, The Interpretation [United States]
Michal Socha, Chick [Poland]
Michal Socha, Koncert [Poland]
Mr McFly, Baseball [France]
MUSCLEBEAVER: Tobias Knipf &reas Kronbeck, How your money works [Germany]
Napatsawan Chirayukool, What makes your day? [Thailand and England]
Pahnl, Nowhere near here [England]
Peppermelon TV, Advanced Beauty [England and United States]
Peppermelon TV, First [England and United States]
Peppermelon TV. Target – Friends with you [England and United States]
Robert Seidel, Vellum [Germany]
Rogier van der Zwaag, Nobody Beats The Drum – Grindin [Netherland]
Ross Phillips, 5 Second Projects (Ballons) [England]
Ross Phillips, 5 Second Projects (Reverse) [England]
Sasha Belyaev, The Rite of Youth [Latvia]
Scott Pagano, Pororoca [United States]
Scott Pagano, Trust In The ‘M’ Machine [United States]
Serene Teh, Parkour [Singapore]
Stephen Irwin, Black Dog’s Progress [England]
Stephen Irwin, Horse Glue [England]
Sylvain Marc, Cocotte Minute [France]
Sylvain Marc, Fertilizer Soup [France]
Tanya Aydostian, L’autre [France]
Taylor Price, Hunt [Canada and United States]
Treat Studios, E4 [England]
Veronika Obertová, Viliam [Slovakia]
Wesley Rodrigues, Pinga com Saquê [Brazil]
Zach Cohen, The Chair Not Taken [Italy]

Anima+ Exhibit
Alex Weil, ShapeShifter [United States]
Carlos Lascano, A Short Love Story [Argentina]
David Wilson, Keaton Henson – Charon [England]
David Wilson, Moray McLaren “We Got Time”[England]
Esteban Dia?cono, O?lafur Arnalds – Hægt, kemur ljósið [Argentina]
Esther Hunziker, Chongqing [Switzerland]
Fábio Yamaji, Larga, a Lagartixa [Brazil]
Fábio Yamaji, Line Rider [Brazil]
Fábio Yamaji, Paulínia [Brazil]
Gabe Swarr, Life In The Analog Age – Episodes: Atari Jacket, It’s Just My, Video Games & Visit [United States]
Henning M. Lederer. Man as Industrial Palace [Germany]
Jan Goldfuß, Dust Breedings [Canada and United States]
Jan Goldfuß, Noisedrop [United States]
John Frame, In Medias Res (The Tale of the Crippled Boy) [United States]
Kurtis Hough, Stumble then rise on some awkward morning [United States]
Matthias Hoegg, Cbeebies Spring “Ollie” [England]
Matthias Hoegg, Nightlife [England]
Max Hattler, 1923 (aka heaven) [England]
Max Hattler, 1925 (aka Hell) [England]
Max Hattler, SYNC [England]
Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata, Something Left, Something Taken [United States]
Mone, Perspective [England and Switzerland]
NOMINT, Mahahula The Giant Rodent of Happiness [Greece]
NOMINT, The Greek Crisis Explained [Greece]
Pedro Mari & Natan Sinigaglia (Abstract Bird), Partitura? [Italy]
Peppermelon TV, Brock O’ Lee – Follow Brock on [England and United States]
Robert Seidel. Grau [Germany]
Robert Seidel, Chiral [Germany]
Ross Phillips, Adam & Joe – Song Wars [England]
Samuca Muller, O?-LHO?-LHO [Brazil]
Scott Pagano, Spend some time with me forever [United States]
Scott Pagano, The neverending downpour of pure pristine bliss [United States]
Scott Pagano, Warm as emerging sunlight [United States]
Sebastian Tomczak, Broken Flowers [Germany]
Stephen Irwin, Dry Lips [England]
Takahiro Yasuda, Copy [Japan]
Tamas Waliczky, Marionettes [Hungary]
Treat Studios, Bat For Lashes visuals [England]
Treat Studios, Mazes [England]
Victor Salciotti, Samsara [Brazil]

3. Cervantes Institute Façade
Tim Coe, A Perfect Face [Germany]

4. Consolação Subway Station
Soraya Braz & Fábio Fon, Via Invisível [Brazil]

5. Conjunto Nacional Building
Ricardo Barreto, Maria Hsu & AMUDI, feelMe [Brasil]

6. Livraria Cultura
Daniela Arrais & Luiza Voll, Invente um Sorriso [Brazil]

Arnt Jensen, Limbo [Dinamarca]
That Game Company: Jenova Chen, flOw [Estados Unidos]

7. Cine Livraria Cultura
Andrew Ruhemann & Shaun Tan, THE LOST THING [Australia]
Animatório, NEOMORPHUS [Brazil]
Bertrand Bey & Pierre Ducos, LA DÉTENTE [France]
Fábio Yamaji, O DIVINO, DE REPENTE [Brazil]
Coala Filmes: Cesar Cabral, TEMPESTADE [Brazil]
Birdo Studio: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet & Amir Admoni, MONKEY JOY [Brazil]
Matthias Hoegg, AUGUST [England]
Max Loubaresse, Marc Bouyer & Anthony Vivien, SALESMAN PETE [France]

8. Masp
Cinema Free
Japan Media Arts

Rejane Cantoni & Leonardo Crescenti, Solo [Brazil]

9. Metrô Trianon-Masp
Soraya Braz & Fábio Fon, Via Invisível [Brazil]

Rafaël Rozendaal [Netherlands]
The Persistence of


Lawrence Malstaf, SHRINK 01995 [Belgium]

Alessandro Ludovico & Paolo Cirio, FACE TO FACEBOOK [United Kingdom]
Christoph Haag, Martin Rumori, Franziska Windisch & Ludwig Zeller, OPEN CIRCUIT [Germany]
Eduardo Omine, FRAGMENTS IN CURVED AIR [Brazil]
Christoph Haag, Martin Rumori, Franziska Windisch & Ludwig Zeller, Open Circuit [Germany]
Coletivo COLETORES: Toni William, Flávio Camargo, Daniela Cordeiro & Karina Marques, MÁQUINA / BRINQUEDO [Brazil]
Elie Zananiri, Hugues Bruyère & Mathieu Léger, PEPTONE [Canada]
Esther Hunzike, DUMP [Switzerland]
Julian Jaramillo Arango, THE HAPPY CUBE [Brazil]
Lauren McCarthy, Conversacube [United States]
NaJa & deOstos (Project Team: Ricardo de Ostos, Nannette Jackowski, Manuel Jimenez, Thomas Sicouri), ECTOPLASMATIC HOUSING [United Kingdom]
PirarucuDuo: Fernando Visockis & Thiago Parizi, Acusmograma [Brazil]
Rafaël Rozendaal, TOWARDS AND BEYOND.COM [Netherlands]
Ricardo Iglesias García, SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS: THEY ARE ALIVE! [Spain]
Tamás Waliczky, MARIONETTES [Hungary]

11. Fnac Bookstore
Arnt Jensen, Limbo Denmark]
Hudson Soft, Lost in Shadow [Japan]
Mediatronic, Monsters probably stole my princess [United Kingdom]

12. Brigadeiro Subway Station
Soraya Braz & Fábio Fon, Via Invisível [Brazil]

13. Centro Cultural São Paulo
Workshop | Participants
Claudia González & Christian Oyarzún, Open Source Generative Electronic Music Devices [Chile]
Cristiano Rosa, DIY Together [Brazil]
Hye Yeon Nam & Carl DiSalvo, Huggable Nature, Community Workshop [United States]
Ricardo Palmieri, VideoMapping e Realidade Expandida [Brazil]

Symposium | Program
19.07, Tuesday
14h00 André Rangel [ Portugal ] Meta-creation and algorithmic composition – Reflections on the distance from the creator to the audience
14h30 Ali Miharbi [Turkey] Top-down vs. Bottom-up: Recent Works
15h00 Eric Siu [Honk Kong and Japan] Media Driven Body: Karaoke Massage
15h30 Ben Jack [New Zealand] Brains, computers and emergence: Mental magic in a digital world
16h00 Kazushi Mukaiyama [Japan] IJIROS
16h30 Coffee Break
17h00 Round Table: Mixed processes of creation and management of artistic, technological and cultural practices: An approach to the AVLAB Meetings and other shared and in constant physical/online transit management models.
Participants: Daniel Gonzalez Xavier, coordination and mediation [Brazil]; Fernando Velázquez [Montevideo-Uruguay]; Milton Sogabe [Brazil]; Miguel de Castro Perez [Brazil]; Ricardo Palmieri [Brazil]; Vanessa Fort [Brazil]
19h00 End

20.07, Wednesday
14h00 Andreas muk Haider [Austria] Skia
14h30 Hye Yeon Nam [Koreia e United States] Please Smile
15h00 Julian Jaramillo Arango [Brazil] The Happy Cube
16h00 Matt Roberts [United States] Who is in control? Creating art using real-time data and user interaction
16h30 Coffee Break
17h00 Ricardo Iglesias García [Espanha] Art, robots and surveillance cameras
17h30 Round Table: Creative Economy
Participants: Ana Carla Fonseca, Garimpo de Soluções [Brazil]; Expedito Araújo, Vivo EnCena [Brazil]; Laura Corrêa, ItsNoon [Brazil]; Piatã Stoklos Kignel, Banco Santander [Brazil]
19h00 End

21.07 Thursday
14h00 Sergio Roclaw Basbaum [Brazil] Perception and experience in digital environments: tecnoaesthesis and infocognition
14h30 Eduardo Patrício [Brazil] Development of musical instruments as a compositional activity
15h00 Giuliano Obici [Brazil] LAN houses and their devires
15h30 Claudia Paulina González Godoy [Chile] Art, Open Hardware and DIY Culture
16h00 Douglas Easterly [New Zealand e United States] Escaping Solipsism: Artificial Intelligence, Game Design
16h30 Coffee Break
17h00 Victoria Messi [Argentina] Anti Utopia: Electronic Art in Latin America
17h30 Gabriela Previdello [Brazil] Contemporary information flow: the reordered memory on FILE Archive structures
18h00 Round Table: Cultural Journalism
Participants: Eliane Weizmann, coordination and mediation [Brazil]; Alessandro Ludovico, neural [Italy]; Alexandre Matias, Editor of the Digital Culture Book of O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper [Brazil];Régine Debatty, we make money not art [Belgium]; Victoria Messi, El Pez Eléctrico [Argentina]
19h00 End

22.07, Friday
14h00 Fernando Macedo [Brazil] “Music for speech and 30 minutes” by Pirarucu Duo
14h30Eduardo Omine [Brazil] Fragments in curved air
15h00 Christian Oyarzún Roa [Chile] G: representations and reformulations of the global from a South view
15h30 Karla Schuch Brunet [Brazil] Geographies of the Sea # Islands
16h00 Rachel Zuanon Dias / Geraldo Lima [Brazil] Designing Wearable BioInterfaces to Play Games: The BioBodyGame and The NeuroBodyGame
16h30 Coffee Break
17h00 Round Table: Choreographing Computational Architecture
Participants: Franklin Lee (AA), coordination and mediation; Anne Save de Beaurecueil (SUBdV); Robert Smith Stuart (Kokkugia);Sandro Tubertini (BDSP); Thiago Mundim (AA)
19h00 End