Guto Nóbrega


“Breathing” is a work of art based on a hybrid creature made of a living organism (a plant) and an artificial system. In the core of that system a plant Jibóia (Epipremnum pinnatum) has its electrophysiological signal monitored by an analogical-digital circuit in order to control a robotic interface. This interface is made of a servo mechanism, fibre optics and light-emitting diodes. The circuit that monitors the plant is made of a Galvanic Skin Response, adapted to measure electrical resistance in vegetal leaves, coupled to a microcontroller such as “arduino”.

Guto (Carlos) Nóbrega is Doctor of Philosophy by the School of Art and Media, University of Plymouth – UK (2009), where he developed a 4 years research funded by CAPES/Brazil under the supervision of Prof. Roy Ascott. During this period, he took part of the international research group Planetary Collegium for transdisciplinary studies in the fields of art, science, technology and nature.
Guto Nóbrega is artist, researcher and has MA in Communication, Technology and Aesthetics by ECO-UFRJ – Brazil (2003) and is Bachelor in Engraving by the Escola de Belas Artes – UFRJ – Brazil (1998) where he holds a position as Senior Lecture since 1995.