MARS: Media Arts Research Studies: Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss





The “Mediaflow” browser is an interface for exploring the online archive of, an educational platform for media art and digital culture. The interface illustrates the extensive archive of data: information is organized into types, contexts are visualized, and to read fluently on the mechanism of the flow of media. The visitor becomes oriented on iconographic or alphabetical parallel streams of information from pictures and words. The “Mediaflow” browser provides a generative image mechanism that transforms the passive digital archive into an interactive information stream of images and text. The flow of words presents titles, authors and keywords of the archived documents. A “text to speech” mechanism weaves together the text descriptions to a collage of hearing. The artistic means are not pixels, but database entries. The binder is software code. With one click a topic is chosen and outraised by the flow of media. The paused stream causes a stop in perceiving and therefore increases attention. An information node from images and concepts leads to the corresponding database entries in the archive. Unconnected information in the archive becomes information in context


Wolfgang Strauss, German architect, media artist and scientist. Since 1987, when he co-founded Art+Com in Berlin, he has produced a large number of media art and design objects and environments on the topics of networked information space and the visualization of knowledge. Monika Fleischmann, German research artist and scientist, combines conceptional and theoretical research with transdisciplinary experience in media art & science. Her main interest is to extend the concept of interaction and communication on the base of perceptive processes.