André Gonçalves

Of How We Have To Leave Doubts Expectations And The Unachieved

An abstract of war and disputes among populations or between individuals. How based on creeds, races and religions, populations fight other populations because of oil, land, or with some intricate idea of future profit.

In exhibition contexts the artist has shown works in media festivals and galleries like: Nam June Paik Art Center, Seoul; File Festival, Sao Paulo; New York Digital Salon, New York; Untitled Art Space, Oklahoma City; Egan Research Center, Boston; Laboral, Gijón; Media Lab Madrid, Madrid; Bon Accueil, Rennes; Ura Gallery, Istambul; Offload Festival, Spike Island, Bristol; Bon Accueil, Rennes; Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisboa 20 Gallery, Um Festival, Fábrica Features, Tráfico LX, EME Festival, Bang Festival, Lisbon.