Sebastian Schmieg

Roy Block

“Roy Block” is an experiment, sort of game, with a tangible interface that touches the field of mixed reality. The game features a self-willed heroine who is trying to get from the very left to the very right of the screen without touching the bottom and dying. However there is nothing she can stand and jump on so she needs the player to help her. The player has two small blocks, in each hand one. Pressed on the screen they are being recognized by the game and the heroine can jump on them. To make the game even more challenging there are hazardous flower-like enemies who try to destroy the heroine when she comes too close. An integral part of the game – leaving aside the enemies we can call it the environment – is put into the player’s hands and becomes the interface. This transformation leads to an almost seamless transition of physical and virtual challenge. On one side the pressure of time as well as the enemies require quick but thoughtful movements while on the other side it is quite hard to always put the blocks at the desired position without getting with one hand in the way of the other hand. At the same time it isn’t about the right position only as, depending on the blocks’ angle, the heroine might lose her balance and fall down.

Sebastian Schmieg is a Berlin-based student focusing on new media and stuff. He began his studies at Merz Akademie, Stuttgart under the guidance of Prof. Olia Lialina. After an internship at Art+Com, Sebastian relocated to Berlin and resumed studying. This time at Berlin University of the Arts. He is a student in the Digital Media Class led by Joachim Sauter and Jussi Ängeslevä.