Yacine Sebti & Tom Heene

Salt Lake

The installation Salt Lake is a project that reflects on the influence of information and media on our everyday lives. The need to win the “communications’ battle” encourages the media, the authorities, institutions and companies to continuously swamp us with audiovisual material. Through the internet we are confronted with this visual, auditory and iconographical corpus as a single large archive, fully searchable, without intellectual, ethical, or moral limitations, in a universal language to be interpreted and recycled by all. This accessibility stimulates reflection on a number of issues. Salt Lake is meant to first cause indigestion, nausea and image overkill, so that the spectator can rediscover himself when he ends his walk through the media inferno, finding his mirror image in a hypnotic white void. Salt Lake is an immersive environment for one visitor at a time. It is a hybrid work at the borders of different artistic expressions: immersive environment, cinema, video game and interactive installation.

Yacine Sebti is a Brussels-based new media artist who creates interactive installations and performances since 2003. His work questions the narcissistic relationship one has with his own image. He often works on interdisciplinary projects with other artists.
Tom Heene makes audiovisual projects which he develops in collaboration with new media artists. He has worked on dance projects, art exhibitions and as a director of his own feature film. He actually prepares a new immersive installation, darkmatr.be.