SARoskop Martin Hesselmeier & Karin Lingnau

Martin Hesselmeier & Karin Lingnau

The project SARoskop is dealing with the visualisation of electromagnetic waves. In a matrix of up to 25 objects the installation is composed as an interactive sculpture reacting sensitively to the data of the proximate surrounding, transforming it into movement and interdependent oscillations. The sound of the moving mechanical parts interfuses the viewers perspective on the installation and together with blue-lighted displays supports a vibrancy of its own.

Martin Hesselmeier focuses on reactive installations with the limits of human perception, the questioning of the credibility of mediated content and the blurring of boundaries between reality and virtuality. His work has been shown in many institutes and international festivals of media art.
Karin Lingnau works in the field of exhibition construction and production, producing objects between materialistic functions and responsive patterns, creating virtual and real spaces.