Peter William Holden

Vicious Circle

Electronic Language International Festival

Inspired by the “Industrial Revolution” and the sub-sequent changes in human development brought about by that revolution. A path that has and will lead humanity to both heaven and hell. I wanted to try and capture the paradox of this duality by making an intimidating / brutalist machine.
“Vicious Circle” is the manifestation of that thought a machine almost militaristic in fashion. With
its relentless movement and noise, this machine acts out its role oblivious and undaunted by either its own destruction or the destruction around it. Maybe, it dances to the beat of progress, but it also dances to a different tune with its outstretched arms.
“Virtuous Circle” beckons the observer for redemption hoping someone will notice the beauty contain within its motions. The rise and fall of the hands forming a swarm that flocks together like birds
in a choreographed dance.

Photos: Medial Mirage / Matthias Möller
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I’m interested in exploring ways to dissolve the boundaries between cinematography and sculpture. In my recent investigations of this theme I’ve been working with computers combined with robotic elements to create mandala like kinetic sculptures. I consider these kinetic sculptures to be the medium I work with and just a necessary step to achieve what I believe is the true focal point of my work. That focal point being the ephemeral animations — choreographies that are created when these sculptures are in motion.