Keigo Matsumoto, Yohei Yanase, Takuji Narumi & Yuki Ban

Unlimited Corridor

Electronic Language International Festival

“Unlimited Corridor” is a VR system that enables you to experience walking around a vast virtual world in narrow physical space by manipulating spatial perception. This work uses the technique called visuo-haptic redirected walking that utilizes the uncertainty of human spatial perception and the interaction between vision and haptic sense.
By using this technique, despite walking on a circular arc with only a three-meter radius in a real space, participants can experience a straight walk while touching flat walls in a VR space.
This experience will be an opportunity to intuition that the spatial perception built from our senses is relative and uncertain.

Keigo Matsumoto is Ph.D. Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Studies at the University of Tokyo. He is studying space perceptual manipulation. He creates interactive installations using perception tricks and displays them no Japão and abroad.

Prof. Dr. Takuji Narumi is a lecturer at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo. His research interests broadly include perceptual modification and human augmentation with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.
He invented a novel haptic display, olfactory display, taste display and satiety display by utilizing cross-modal interactions.