Studio APVIS

The new body VR

Electronic Language International Festival

If the laws of physics and anatomy of the human body do not apply in a new world, which possibilities would arise for choreography? In this first experiment, Studio APVIS collaborates with choreographer Jack Timmermans (De Stilte, NL) and explores the collaboration between animator and choreographer. In addition, we question the role of the visitor and interaction. A new vocabulary is created, for both choreographer and animator. With a motion capture suit, two dancing bodies were digitalized and by using the HTC Vive, the visitor is able to build its own body. When the music stops, the body collapses into pieces. The performance exists only once, shown to one set of eyes. An intimate experience in which the dancer surrounds you and despite it being a sole digital presence, it can become rather intimidating at times.

We are Studio APVIS from The Netherlands. An audiovisual production studio that has been working on numerous documentary and animation projects for the last ten years. Since 2014, we are actively researching the artistic potential of Virtual Reality. Our goal is not to translate the language of filmmaking to VR, but to use the spatial experience of the installation as its core. Our installations are described as artistic experiences. We focus on conceptual pieces that transcend disciplines and connect people with the surrealistic nature of this medium. The collaboration with other disciplines in the form of: choreographers, writers and psychologists gives us the possibility to look at possibilities in VR from different angles.