FILE SAO PAULO 2023 – Interactive Singularities


FILE Electronic Language International Festival

July 5th – August 27th

Tuesday to Sunday, 10 A. M. – 8 P.M.

Centro Cultural FIESP


Design: André Lenz

Image: Expanded Iris – Anaisa Franco



By Singularity we understand not the hypothesis that artificial intelligence will become autonomous and reach self-awareness, but, on the other hand, a plurality of “Singularities”: hypothesis à la science fiction in which the mutual interaction between artificial and natural (human) intelligences would lead to the development of a simulated consciousness, an “artificial self” that could dialogue with a “natural self” exchanging information and experiences in different ways, that is, a “mixed consciousness”, in which the human consciousness would have immediate access to all the human knowledge; this certainly could result in an evolutionary leap. Not as a single artificial singularity that would dominate humanity, but as multiple “mixed singularities” that would interact with each other aiming to solve the world’s complex problems. With the rise of access to artificial intelligence resources and its distribution in society, the myth that one day these evolutionary algorithms will have a conscience like ours will fall. On the contrary, the partnership between intelligent machines and humanity will substantially enhance the overall development of the entire culture, as well as the human being himself. In the Art and Technology exhibition Interactive Singularities at FILE SP 2023, we invite the public to a challenging and enriching participation, suggesting through artworks a positive and participatory attitude to learn and grow with the experiences presented, as if the artworks were especially for you. Through this personalized relationship, visitors are faced with new possibilities of thinking and acting in a world with less massification. We believe that digital resources and knowledge can be explored in different ways in art, from the use of mechanical devices in physical works to the creation of new forms and patterns with the help of intelligent technologies. These works end up leading to new discoveries and possibilities in the field of arts development, molding and shaping the public’s behavior to adapt to the accelerated expansion of new forms of Art, not only aesthetic, but also intelligent.

Ricardo Barreto & Paula Perissinotto
Organizers and co-founders of FILE 

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The FILE SP 2023 workshops take place this year between the 5th and 7th of July 2023, at the Mezzanine of the FIESP Cultural Center. All activities are free and prior registration is required to participate.

Since 2009, the workshops offered by FILE have been attended by groups of computer science educators and artists who seek an experimental immersion in the essence of binary language. This immersion aims to transfer knowledge and research on the use of computing for artistic purposes.

The aim is to disseminate technology as a creative language and artistic development process to as many people as possible, including interested parties, public school teachers and groups of possible multipliers of this language.




July 5 – Wednesday
from 11am to 14pm FILE 2023 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on Zoom (Access)


Place: Mezzanine of the Fiesp Cultural Center


July 5 – Wednesday
from 14pm to 18pm Felipe Gomes – DIY CTRL – Brazil
from 14pm to 18pm Bruna Mayer and Miguel Alonso – Cutting Windows: Making Stickers with Vector Drawing – Brazil


July 6 – Thursday
from 14pm to 18pm Mauricio Jabur – Op Art – Introduction to online programming for the visual arts – Brazil
from 14pm to 18pm Luca Ribeiro and Sergio Venancio – Augmented dinner: introduction to 3D modelling for Augmented Reality – Brazil
from 19pm to 22pm Sergio Venancio – Machine Learning for the Creative Curious – Brazil


July 7 – Friday
from 14pm to 18pm Paulo Nenflidio – Building a Solar Cricket – Brazil
from 14pm to 18pm Samuel Baptista Mariani – Animation with Generative Art Using AI – Brazil
from 19pm to 22pm Felipe Mamone – System breakdown: a detour by glitch art – Brazil




1. Anaisa Franco – Expanded Iris – Brazil
Expanded Iris is an interactive installation that invites people to look through a Space Iriscope, which scans the user’s iris and projects a metamorphosis of their iris mixed with galaxies and nebulae. The project invites people to look into the microuniverse of their own iris and find similarities with the macrouniverse of galaxies while having a biometric eye scanning experience. The work is composed of a customized biometric software and a 3D printed parametric software that has a camera inside.


2. Enhance – HUMANITY – Japan/United States
A unique blend of puzzle-solving and platforming, HUMANITY puts the fate of all mankind in your hands. Command marching crowds to jump, turn, push, float, shoot and climb your way to salvation. Guide the masses through levels full of obstacles, enemies, puzzles and unlockable abilities, navigate a wide variety of challenges or build your own!


3. Francesca Fini – Paradise Lost – Italy
An alien creature wanders in a dreamlike and mysterious landscape that seems on the verge of collapsing at the first breath of wind. The unpleasant sensation of falling into the void fades into the feeling of precariousness and uncertainty characterizing our times. From the pandemic to the war in Ukraine, current events seem to mark a kind of countdown to nowhere.


4. Gabriel Massan – Unbonded on a Bonded Domain –  Brazil

In Unbonded on a Bonded Domain, commissioned by FACT, London, Gabriel Massan seeks to align the emotional experience of his childhood in Rio de Janeiro, adolescence in São Paulo and maturity in Europe as raw material for his work, following the tips of writer and academic Saidiya Hartman in the concept of “Critical Fabulation”, to explore a virtual ecosystem disconnected both from its own identity and from the physical and conceptual limitations of the human body.


5. Giant Squid – ABZÛ – United States 
Immerse yourself in a vibrant ocean world, full of mystery and bursting with color and life. Discover hundreds of unique species based on real creatures and form a powerful connection with the abundant marine life. Stand in epic seascapes and explore aquatic ecosystems modeled in unprecedented detail. Descend into the heart of the ocean, where ancient secrets are forgotten. But beware, dangers lurk in the depths.


6. Guli Silberstein – Cycles of Creation – England 
A fiction alternative documentary of evolution, told in cycles of cybernetic genesis. It’s a meditative journey zooming in on the story of Earth’s creation. A reflection on artificial intelligence, experimenting with duration and repetition in a hypnotic collage of semi-abstract colorful images, countering online media culture of short quick hits of imagery, offering instead a deep contemplation.


7. Hanna Haaslahti – Captured – Germany/Finland
Captured begins with an unexpected experience – the meeting with your digital double. The doubles join a virtual mob experiencing moments of togetherness and segregation. How does the behavior of their doubles affect the relationships in the audience?


8. Jean-Philippe Côté & Victor Drouin-Trempe – Empreintes sonores – Canada 
Interactive installation that looks at the traces we leave in the digital space. The installation uses a voice-activated assistant to record continuously. The captured sounds are triturated, remixed and played back in the environment. When vocalizations are detected, they materialize visually. It then becomes possible to navigate the frozen sound by moving in space. Thus, it is no longer the sound that travels to our ears but our ears that must travel through sound.


9. Melodie Mousset | PatchXR – PatchWorld – Switzerland/Denmark
PatchWorld empowers musical experience with marvelous worlds, fanciful instruments, and full-immersion live shows. It combines the visual experience and the gaming with the emotional power of music. It’s ready to play from the moment you enter – but deep enough to let you build everything you can imagine.


10. Melodie Mousset – PatchWorld – Switzerland/Denmark
PatchWorld empowers musical experience with marvelous worlds, fanciful instruments, and full-immersion live shows. It combines the visual experience and the gaming with the emotional power of music. It’s ready to play from the moment you enter – but deep enough to let you build everything you can imagine.


11. Memo Akten – Learning to see – Turkey/United States 
The work is an interactive installation in which several neural networks analyze a live camera pointing at a table covered with everyday objects. Through a very tactile and practical experience, the public can manipulate the objects on the table with their hands and see the corresponding scenario appearing on the screen, in real time, reinterpreted by the neural networks.


12. Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak – Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? – Slovenia
Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? presents a performer being caught inside the screen, walking endlessly as if he is spinning a giant wheel. The screen is like countless other screens and smartphones that flood our contemporary existence. This unconventional device appears as perpetuum mobile, but alludes to contemporary definition of a rat race, an endless, excessive or competitive work, a pointless pursuit without a purpose.


13. Özge Samanci – VastWaste – United States
Humans once perceived oceans as boundless, and thus impossible to pollute – until we created the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The same pattern is now repeating in outer space. VastWaste is a data-driven virtual reality that illuminates the parallels and interplay between marine pollution and space debris. Human activities have scattered millions of objects into Earth’s orbit. Since there is no friction, debris travel at 18.000 mph. Even tiny paint flecks can create explosive crashes.


14. Seph Li – 相/Phase– England/China
相/Phase is a work of art that uses data and unites the rules of Wolfram’s physics with Chinese Taoism, applying scientific hypotheses to a generative visual system. Images are projected onto frosted glass, and visitors use controls to trigger and manipulate animations that inject energy into the system of the universe created by Seph Li.



LIGHT FALLS brings into the city the beauty and power of nature in its most powerful form, the waterfall. Water is a very important resource, capable of generating life and energy, lighting cities and bringing human connection. The installation impresses with its size, shape and colors. The lights create the organic movement of the water illuminating the tubes that intertwine on the ground creating the effect of the water hitting the rocks accompanied by the ambient sound of the Amazon rain forest. 



1. Adrian Flury – Arrest in Flight – Switzerland
2. Andrea Cristini – Framing the Self – Canada
3. Bernardo Alevato & Taianne Oliveira – Move – Brazil
4. Bolim Jeon – In the Belly of a Whale – United Kingdom
5. Caique Poi – Reciclagem – Brazil
6. Chaya Shen – Jiaji – Taiwan
7. Diego Mac – Sylphides 3.1 – Brazil
8. Faiyaz Jafri – Shine – Canada/United States
9. Faye Formisano – They Dream in My Bones – Insemnopedy II – France
10. Felipe Vasconcelos – Des1_04_7or – Brazil
11. GaoWenqian – The Future That We Lost – China
13. Ingrata Bergman – El Desierto – Spain
14. Ingrata Bergman – Siete Años De Mala Suerte – Spain
15. Ingrata Bergman – Un Ojo Se Mira A Sí Mismo – Spain
16. João Pedro Oliveira – Coalescence – United States
17. Joel Swanson – Bubble Sort – United States
18. John Melo – Totalidad – Colombia
19. Juliana Pedrosa – Visions of Blakey – Brazil
20. Juno B. – Perhaps our only link is the failed humanity – Brazil
21. Justin Lincoln – ffflutttttterrrrrr – United States
22. Liu Yewen – Survival Panic – Germany/China/France/Netherlands/Poland/Portugal
23. Luca Lee – Growth – United States
24. Luciano Rabuske – Metamorphose – United States
25. megumi naitoh – Searching for Blue – United States
26. Meredith Drum – Séance for Dead Horse Bay – United States
27. Michelle Hessel Alves & Woraya Boonyapanachoti – Boarding Time – Brazil/Thailand
28. Mônica Moura – Lapso – Brazil/United States
29. Oli Sorenson – Supply Chain – Canada
30. Peter Whittenberger – Haven – United States
31. Peter Whittenberger – I Believe We Are Lost – United States
32. Rubén Gil – Nullius – Mexico
33. S4RA – – Portugal
34. Silvia De Gennaro – Travel Notebooks: Rome, Italy – Italy
35. Susanne Wiegner – Yesterday’s Tomorrow Morning – Germany
36. Susanne Wiegner – When Wishing Still Helped – Germany
37. Thomas Lisle – Love’s Journey – United Kingdom
38. Toni Mitjanit – CLOCKWISE – Spain
39. Yoon-Chung Han & Hung-Hsuan Tsai – Plastic Landscape – Reversible World – United States




Orientation by Prof. Dr. Max Hattler

In 2023, SCM/CityU participates in FILE São Paulo as a partner institution of FILE ANIMA+. The collaboration between the institutions proposes the dissemination of creative works and the propulsion of new artists on the international scene. The program is presented under the guidance of the professor Dr. Max Hattler.

The first institution of its kind in the region, the School of Creative Media was founded to nurture a new generation of enterprising interdisciplinary artists and creative media professionals and to be a hub of innovation for the creative industries in Hong Kong, Mainland China and abroad. Today, it is recognized as an international hub of discovery and innovation in Asia.


1. Cyrus, Lok Yi Scarlett & Sin Ching Angel – Glimpse 佐敦掠影 – Hong Kong
2. Cyrus, Lok Yi Scarlett & Sin Ching Angel – Mirage 蜃樓 – Hong Kong
3. Hairong, Jianing & Yuanyuan – Sham Shui Po’s Night – Hong Kong
4. Hattie, Tatia Pui Wan & Chit – Building Blocks – Hong Kong
5. Junien, Qingmei Melody & Yung Ka Valerie – Unreal Central – Hong Kong
6. Junien, Qingmei Melody & Yung Ka Valerie – Urban Drift – Hong Kong
7. Ka Lun Alan, Hiu Ching Nicole & Lok Yan Cola – OoOo – Hong Kong
8. Peijing, Siyi & Hiu Ching – Rush!! – Hong Kong
9. Peijing & Siyi – Wave – Hong Kong
10. Pui Sze, Hiu Tung, Hin Ling – Mahjong Mart – Hong Kong
11. Pui Sze, Hiu Tung & Hin Ling – Fruit Market 果欄 – Hong Kong
12. Tiantian, Ningxin & Jun – Laid Out – Hong Kong
13. Tong, Xiaoyu & Shuyao – Crossing – Hong Kong
14. Tsz-wing, Tsz-wai & Long-man – & More – Hong Kong
15. Wing Yee & Sin Wai Javis – Yau Ma Day – Hong Kong
16. Xiaobu, Xiaozhi & Zichun – CELL – Hong Kong
17. Yujie, Jie & Yuk Kuen – Sham Shui Po – Hong Kong



1. Alejandro Casales – Angbu-ilgu – Mexico
2. Alfonso Pretelt – TOTEM – Colombia
3. amescla – enthalpy of water vapour – Brazil
4. Antonio D’Amato – Un certain vertige – Italy
5. BELLA – Light Load – Brazil
6. BRUO – BRUO – Brazil
7. Daniel Gazana – Sumo Canto Absconso – Brazil
8. Daria Baiocchi – LINE – Italy
9. Diana Rojas – Event Horizon – United States
10. Filippo Mereu – Double Bass Mystery – Italy
11. Gabriela Spinelli – Una trilogía – Argentina
12. Gabriele Barlera – SYNTHETICA BELLICA – Italy
13. Gintas K – +all we are – Lithuania
14. Havane Melo e Renê Freire – Átrio | piano e vídeo experimental – Brazil
15. Ignacio Viano – Estudio electronico Nro 2 – Argentina
16. Jenni Prélio – Conversation 404 – Brazil
17. Jorge Denis Molina – Misterios de ultramar – Cuba
18. Jorge Martínez Valderrama – Voces en el Mar Polar – Mexico
19. Jose Gallardo A. – Resonancias – Colômbia
20. Joshua Rodenberg – Golden Al Rayan – Qatar
21. Juan Carlos Vasquez – Dorep Ámpora – United States/Finland
22. Julian Scordato – Earth song – Italy
23. Kian Hossein, Arman Moghaddam & Majid Kiamehr – Non-grata – Iran
24. Kian Hossein – Radio Astronomy – Iran
25. Maurizio Chiantone [aka Bux] – LUXXX – Italy
26. Mingxi Xu – Artificial Womb – United Kingdom
27. Mingxi Xu – Genesis – China
28. Music X Habitat X Art – Matchsticks: Crosses of Blood 3’30” – Estados Unidos | United States
29. Ouazzani Touhami Sarah – Holobionte – France
30. Piero Chiariello – Music – Italy
31. Roser Domingo Muñoz – Nuevas formas de hacer música – Spain
32. Sonifying the Sea – choralCoral – 3 genomic études of climate survival – United States
33. stellatum_ – stellatum_: ecossistemas – Brazil
34. Timothy Weaver – The Whalefall (abridged) – United States
35. Ting Chun Liu – Imaginary Landscape – Germany/Taiwan



Curated by Sergey Komarov

In the Interactive Singularities edition of FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, we feature the CYLAND Audio Archive, as an integral part of FILE Hipersônica 2023. This partnership aims to increase the visibility of this collection and encourage the creation and dissemination of innovative and experimental sound productions.

CYLAND is a non-profit organization that promotes the emergence of new art forms and high-tech interactions by developing connections between artists, curators, engineers and programmers. To face the challenge of presenting “pure” sound in exhibition spaces alongside other more “material” contemporary artworks and preserving sound art, in 2013 the laboratory created the CYLAND Audio Archive. The project is curated by Sergey Komarov and includes over 60 participations.



1. Adam Basanta – Targeted – Canada
2. Albert Bayona – Pandemic – Spain
3. Albert Bayona – Cosmonaut – Spain
4. Albert Merino – El món sublunar – Spain
5. Alejandro Casales – Conversations II – Mexico
6. Andrew McSweeney – Drün – Ireland
7. Basic Bruegel – Landschop – Canada
8. Brit Bunkley – The Killing Chain – New Zealand
9. Brit Bunkley – Dear Hart, How they dream. How we dream – New Zealand
10. Brit Bunkley – Pillar of Fire – New Zealand
11. Caio Antônio – Era Morro, Morro Eu – Brazil
12. Daniel H. Dugas – Emitting Warmth – Canada
13. Dorian Rigal Minuit – La limite est une façade – France
15. Enrico Dorigatti – Xeno – Italy
16. Ethann Néon – Human – Walkers in Motion – Belgium
17. Filipe Vilas-Boas – Entropophone (Entropófono) – France
18. Germán Gómez – Entre Puentes – Argentina
19. Gioula Papadopoulou – AI made me do it: Ophelia – Greece
20. Jean-Michel Rolland – Beijing Bicycles – France
21. Jean-Michel Rolland – Le Ballon rouge: compression – France
22. Jia-Rey Chang – Ver-meer’s Colors – England/Taiwan
23. John Melo – Memórias da montanha – Argentina/Colombia
24. Kailum Graves – Cosmos, or A Chronicle of Life’s Incredible Order, Complexity, and Remarkable Struggle Against Entropy and Resistance of Decay – Australia
25. Karina Acosta – 30 POR CIENTO – Argentina
26. Kenji Kojima – The Effect of Cataracts on Late Years Claude Monet – United States
27. Kenji Kojima – What Madame Cézanne was thinking – United States
28. Krista van der Wilk – Open Registration – Netherlands
29. Kuesti Fraun – Sigmund’s Joy of avoiding the void – Germany
30. Lida Zacharopoulou – Psifímia – Greece
31. Lilia Li-Mi-Yan & Katherina Sadovsky – A000000000001000AA011 – Russia
32. Luís Arandas – Irreplaceable Biography – England
33. Marcia Beatriz Granero – Revelación – Brazil
34. Marco Ferrazza – Memories of a Form – Italy
35. Maximiliano Parlagreco – La estación – Argentina
36. Maximiliano Parlagreco – Los transeúntes – Argentina
37. Nicolás Rupcich – Archipiélago – Germany/Svalbard
38. Pablo Salgado Xavier – AQUARIUM – Brazil
39. Peter Christenson & Phil Mudd – Juried Performance: A Triptych – United States
40. Renata Soares Lacerda – Infinite Art – Brazil
41. Roberto Musanti – Fallaci Imagine – Italy
42. Roberto Musanti – Petra celata – Italy
43. Roland Graf – Pipa Vista – Austria/Brazil/United States
45. Serge Bulat – Normality – United States
46. SIOUMING WU – Cultivated Reality – the Night of June 4th – Taiwan
47. Sixue Yang, Danquis Johnson & Federica De Francesco – Flowing Utopia – China/United States/Italy
48. Stefanie Sixt & Markus Mehr – WINDMILL OF YOUR MIND – Germany
49. Stuart Pound – Alice in Arizona – Colombia/United Kingdom
50. Susanne Wiegner – backdrop – Germany
51. Tyler Bohm – Reclamation Project 3 – Austria/United States
52. VETA – 25°36’10.5”S 57°34’48.0”W – Argentina/Paraguay
53. Viktor Brim – the dark goes much further than how it appears – Germany



1. Alejandro Casales Navarrete – Re-Morse – Mexico
2. Anabela Costa – IN THE BLUE – France
3. Christian Merrill – Reflective Garden – United States
4. Gilbert Sinnott – 64μs – Germany
5. Hernan Roperto – Matéria Escura (O espaço no meio) – Argentina
6. Leonardo Uehara – Pulse – Brazil
7. Lucas Oggioni Cypriano – Calçada – Brazil
8. mammasONica – poems – Italy
9. Patricio Ballesteros Ledesma – AÑO NUEVO – Argentina
10. Pedro Stelmach – Voronoi Mesh – Brazil
11. V.A.N.H – Interferences – Spain



Orientation by Prof. Dr. Silvia Laurentiz

In the LED SHOW category, FILE São Paulo 2023 welcomes a partnership with the Visual Arts Course of the Plastic Arts Department of the School of Communications and Arts at the University of São Paulo. The works were developed with the guidance of Profª. Dr. Silvia. Laurentiz.

This partnership seeks to reaffirm the connection with national universities, supporting the stimulation and production of art in new media: a unique opportunity to access languages, cutting-edge technologies and innovative resources for reflection and experimentation of the artistic environment and cultural circuits.



Imperceptible everyday things are those aspects of daily life that go unnoticed or are overlooked by most people. These aspects include activities, behaviors, and patterns that are so common as to be unremarkable, or so subtle as to go unnoticed. Daily life guided by social relationships and the way people communicate with each other often present automatic interactions or communication patterns that are imperceptibly adopted. There are images that can be used to reflect this set of imperceptible everyday routines and question them, and can be edited or combined to express ideas or criticisms about day-to-day and modern life.


Ana Caroline Cordeiro dos Santos
Angela Nunes Felicio
Anna de Aguiar e Santos
Antonio Yudi Pontual Ikeda
Daniel Alexsander Silva da Luz
Dourivan Conceição Lima
Giovanna Bars Souza
Gustavo de Oliveira
Isabella Monis Cardoso Medeiros
Isabella Stael Martins Arruda Pereira
Ítalo Patrício Vichietti
Jeksandro de Oliveira Sousa
João Vitor Otero Marconi
Julia Santos Barbosa
Kaliandra Andrade Freitas
Larissa Fernandes Martins da Silva
Laura Alves de Souza Ferreira e Silva
Laura Marandino Diaz
Leticia Bruni Arcanjo
Lucia Leiko Ishikawa
Mateus Andrei Missau de Almeida
Rafael Shiraishi de Campos
Rafael Vilela Zacchi
Sarah Jesus de Araujo
Stephanie Maria Strobel Cardoso
Vitor Menezes Barbosa Sendrete

Grupo Realidades/ECA/USP




1. Camila Magrane – Traces – Venezuela



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