Jean-Philippe Côté & Victor Drouin-Trempe

Empreintes sonores

FILE Sao Paulo 2023 | Installations
Electronic Language International Festival


Jean-Philippe Côté & Victor Drouin-Trempe – Empreintes sonores – Canada

Interactive installation that looks at the traces we leave in the digital space. The installation uses a voice-activated assistant to record continuously. The captured sounds are triturated, remixed and played back in the environment. When vocalizations are detected, they materialize visually. It then becomes possible to navigate the frozen sound by moving in space. Thus, it is no longer the sound that travels to our ears but our ears that must travel through sound.


Victor Drouin-Trempe is an artist, researcher and professor in sound creation and philosophy. He holds a master’s degree in philosophy and is currently pursuing a PhD in Art Studies and Practices at UQAM. Jean-Philippe Côté creates interactive art using cutting-edge technologies just as he does repurposing outmoded devices and providing them alternate futures. A recurring theme in his work is the mirroring of the visitor’s body.