Özge Samanci


FILE Sao Paulo 2023 | Installations
Electronic Language International Festival



Özge Samanci – VastWaste – United States

Humans once perceived oceans as boundless, and thus impossible to pollute – until we created the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The same pattern is now repeating in outer space. VastWaste is a data-driven virtual reality that illuminates the parallels and interplay between marine pollution and space debris. Human activities have scattered millions of objects into Earth’s orbit. Since there is no friction, debris travel at 18.000 mph. Even tiny paint flecks can create explosive crashes.


Özge Samanci, media artist and graphic novelist, is an associate professor in Northwestern University’s School of Communication. Her autobiographical graphic novel Dare to Disappoint received international press attention and was positively reviewed in The New York Times, The Guardian, along with many other media outlets.