Launch and single presentation on June 16th, 2015, 8 PM, at SESI-SP Theater.

SHIRLEY – Visions of Reality – GUSTAV DEUSTCH


13 of Edward Hopper’s paintings are brought alive by the film, telling the story of a woman, whose thoughts, emotions and contemplations let us observe an era in American history.
Shirley is a woman in America in the 1930s, ‘40s, ‘50s, and early ‘60s. A woman who would like to influence the course of history with her professional and socio-political involvement. A woman who does not accept the reality of the Depression years, WWII, the McCarthy era, race conflicts and civil rights campaigns as given but rather as generated and adjustable. A woman whose work as an actress has familiarised her with the staging of reality, the questioning and shaping of it; an actress who doesn’t identify her purpose and future with that of solo success or stardom but who strives to give social potency to theatre as part of a collective. A woman who cannot identify with the traditional role model of a wife yet longs to have a life partner. A woman who does not compromise in moments of professional crisis and is not afraid to take on menial jobs to secure her livelihood. A woman who in a moment of private crisis decides to stick with her partner and puts her own professional interest on the back burner. A woman who is infuriated by political repression yet not driven to despair, and who has nothing but disdain for betrayal. Shirley, an attractive, charismatic, committed, emancipated woman.


2013; Austria; Arthouse, Woman; 92 minutes; DCP, HDCAM-SR; 1:1.85; 5.1 mix; original Language: English



DIRECTOR: Gustav Deutsch
WRITER: Gustav Deutsch
D.O.P.: Jerzy Palacz
EDITOR: Gustav Deutsch
MUSIC: Christian Fennesz, David Sylvian
PRODUCTION COMPANY: KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production
PRODUCER: Gabriele Kranzelbinder
SOUND: Christoph Amann
KEY GRIP / GAFFER: Dominik Danner
Shirley – Stephanie Cumming
Stephen – Christoph Bach
Mr. Antrobus/Cinema Goer – Florentin Groll
Mrs. Antrobus/Cinema Goer/Firs – Elfriede Irrall
Chief Clerk – Tom Hanslmaier

Filmmaker, artist, lives and works in Vienna and Aegina. Born 1952 in Vienna, architectural studies at the Technical University Vienna, graduation in 1979, numerous video artworks. Since 1983, member of the artists group DER BLAUE KOMPRESSOR, Floating & Stomping Company. Since 1984, joint works with Hanna Schimek (D&S). Since 1989, numerous film works. Since 1996, member of SIXPACKFILM. Since 2003, artistic director of the AEGINA ACADEMY / A Forum for Art & Science.