André Rangel, Anne-Kathrin Siegel & Fernando Alçada


Our concept combines aesthetics, physical activity and entertainment. While practicing a vigorous physical activity, the players control all audio-visual events that occur in the space/time of the game. The space where the event takes place is colored with light which is controlled by the players’ movements. Their rackets and arms are decorated with electro-luminescent wire and the shuttlecock (speeder) with a bright LED, providing vivid dynamic scenic effects. In the beginning of each game, users choose on an “iPod touch” a soundscape associated with visuals and colors for the ambient lighting system. Literally, the possibility of drawing with this game gives SynDyn its original and innovative character: being simultaneously a sports, entertainment and art event that merges aesthetics, physical activity, technology and entertainment.

Intermedia Artist and Designer. Researcher at CITAR, Centro de Investigação em Ciência e Tecnologia das Artes. Ph.D. student in Science and Technology of Art at UCP, Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Master in Digital Art at the same University, Communication Design Degree at ESAD, Escola Superior de Arte e Design. Art Director and Founder of 3kta project. Develops Art and Intermedia Design contemporary projects and events.