Sarah Ouazzani Touhami

Potamocho(e)rus rosus

Electronic Language International Festival

Sound ramblings. The starting point of this piece is a luxuriant forest occupied by a talkative fauna, and the figure of an imaginary pink bushpig, sensitive, joyful and strong animal. In french, the bushpig is called «potamochère» ( ethymology: potamo, river ; cheros, pig) I decided not to focus on the presence of this animal on the forest, but to imagine perceptions and feeling such animal should have. I worked with voice and landscape sound recording using analogic and digital process to bring out the savage and the organic in these materials. I played with a chorus effect and used stereo on an asymetric way, to create a dense and wild forest.

Visual and sound artist. Living in Marseille, France. Video’s practice led more and more my interests going to non-visible, unspoken words, sound as a possibility of dialogue with the unconscious.Time, slowness, displacement, myths, rituals, elements are central in my approach. I practice vocal improvisation, and electroacoustic music, sometimes linking it with cinema, in performative experiences, installations or videos. In addition of my personal work, I conduct workshop with different participants : schools, psychiatric or social institutions, young or old people… That is a way to share my work and to experiment ideas collectively.