Kofi Oduro

Voyage Thru Space

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival


Voyage Thru Space

A Voyage Thru Time, A Voyage Thru Space
A voyage of truth, a voyage of light
A voyage of Freedom, A voyage of Pace
A voyage of Dancing, A voyage of flight
Destination Unknown, Goal Unclear
Determination iffy, finishing? Probably
For the Mind may go where it wants, even if that place is not near
and I may just need to follow
even if that seems hollow as some rivers are shallow
for we don’t always know what is the best for us
and life can be tricky for the rest of us
there is no real sure fire way to succeed
sometimes all we gotta do is take a leap
and breathe and we can achieve
to rise about the fear, even though sometimes it may not be fair
cause even life can choose randomly what it considers the fare
these are the cards we are dealt in this kind affair


Kofi Oduro: My artistic practice is an observation of the world around us, that I then put into artworks for others to relate to or disagree with. Through Videography, Poetry and Creative Coding, I try to highlight the realms of the human performance and the human mind in different scenarios. These situations can be described as social, internal, or even biological, which we face in our everyday lives. Adding music and visuals often helps to perceive one’s own feelings, and to highlight the different subtleties that make us human. With a dose of technology, there is an endless range of progress in the human creative endeavors.