Nicolas Hermansen

And Suddenly an Engine Started

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival


‘And Suddenly an Engine Started’ talks about the cycle of life, from its beginning to its end. The project has its roots in the idea of the original oscillation, a research through our deeper selves, of
our original big bang (our first noise).It interrogates our collective memory, as a society and as an individual. It talks about the mystical connection (without touching on religion), of what unites us when we’re together as human beings in a space focused on the same matter: listening.


Nicolas Hermansen is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist working in performance, sound and visual arts. He is the founder of La [SIC], a live performance arts company. His work, as a solo artist or with La [SIC] is often defined as being on the fringe of a situation’s breaking point, in the ‘in-between’. For the last 3 years he has been very active on the international circuit, presenting his work in many European countries and the USA.