Sofía Bertomeu

James’ Secret

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival



The main idea behind ‘James’ Secret’ can be found in Heidegger’s treatment of ‘authenticity’ in Sein und Zeit (Being and Time (1927). Heidegger’s view seems to be that the majority of human beings lead an existence that is inauthentic. Rather than facing up to their finite nature — represented above all by the inevitability of death —they seek distraction and escape through inauthentic activities and modes such as curiosity, ambiguity and idle talk.
‘James’ Secret’ portrays my friend’s fear of going to hell and how this intimate secret has shaped his current perspective on life and death.


Sofía Bertomeu Hojberg (1991) A Spanish multidisciplinary artist who works with conceptual sound art, video art, photography, painting and illustration, graphic and multimedia design and whose projects concern issues such as “dissolved identities”, “dissolved spaces”, deep and hidden emotions, abstract landscapes within wider areas (museums, bodies…), conceptual and thematic soundscapes and portraits. She uses the term “scape” with a double meaning; as a short form for ‘landscape’ and as an actual ‘escape’ from our own reality. She also composes music for audiovisual productions (Cinema, TV, Advertising, Theater, Videogames).