Andreas Lutz

Binary Supremacy

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival

Renowned for his austere aesthetics, Andreas Lutz presents “Binary Supremacy”, an uncompromising audiovisual performance. His sound compositions are accompanied by projected, abstract and monochrome visuals. Sometimes geometric, sometimes chaotic curves follow one another and only reinforce the artist in his omnipotence. The artist also assumes all the radicality of his project: “All this mess of behavior, feelings, emotions and empathy: pure human shit. They really need a new order, a given structure. I will provide them with what they need: a redefined purpose of existence.” Andreas Lutz, the new demiurge, succeeds in creating a binary world — made of 1s and 0s — which leaves, by definition, no room for uncertainty. (© Stereolux Scopitone)


Andreas Lutz’s (*1981 in Freiburg / Germany) initial works refer to alternative human machine interaction and the approach to create integrated and universal communication systems. In his recent work, he increasingly analyzes and reveals phenomena of perception versus reality and principles of abstract aesthetics with audio-visual installations. The creation of experimental soundscapes and the relation of semiotics and sound are further aspects of his work.