Anja Dimitrijevic

Valle delle Sfingi

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival



The narrative of the landscape is constructed by movements. The rocks recall the Egyptian sphinxes by their form. Myths were created to reassure the doubts that those presences instilled on the mountain population of Lessinia (IT).
The circular dance is a metaphor of a geological time that transcended the time of life, while the mystery continues to recur: who has acted, the dancing body with its movement’s or the space that provided matter to be transformed?


Anja Dimitrijević (1993) lives between Belgrade and Venice. She obtained a Master of Applied Theatre (theatre directing) at the University IUAV of Venice in 2018, during her Bachelor studies in Visual Arts and Theatre.
Anja’s compositions depict movements inspired by urban and natural spaces. These spaces studied with attention, allow the transgression of matter and a dialogue with movement. The progressive movements are elements that shape a gaze upon the place, open to site-specific creation.