Ari Dykier


FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival

“Imaginarium” is an audio visual, surreal performance built in technique of collage to recall XIX century aesthetics. It takes the audience for a unique journey through the world of memories, dreams, symbols to connect viewers with their deeper selfs and unconsciousness. The work is referring to the tradition of surrealism as well as psychology and humane culture in general. An oneiric style that allows people to go through the performance in a very personal way to find their own meanings of experience. In this version of Imaginarium the soundtrack is composed by Roman Poczapski.


Ari Dykier is visual artist and filmmaker based in Poland. He attended Camerimage Film School. With passion for animated works he focused himself on creating animated visuals in technique of collage referring to tradition of surrealism and tradition of art itself. Inspired by artists like Jan Lenica, Bruno Schulz and Brothers Quay he develops his own ideas exploring unconsciousness, following dreams and memories.